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The recommended entry point is "http://[SpeciesFileName].SpeciesFile.org". Replace "SpeciesFileName" with the name of the taxonomic group such as "Orthoptera." In addition there are special entry points provided primarily for use in links from other websites, but available to anyone:

  • When a specific taxon is desired, and the rank is subgenus or higher, use "http://[SpeciesFileName].SpeciesFile.org?TaxonName=" plus the name of the taxon.
  • When the desired taxon is below the rank of subgenus, use "http://[SpeciesFileName].SpeciesFile.org?Genus=[genus name]&Species=[species name]&Subspecies=[subspecies name]". Any of these parameters may be omitted. Replace "[xxx name]" with the actual name. If a space is included within a name, quotation marks must be placed around the name.
  • For those who coordinate data with a TaxonNameID, an additional entry point is "http://[SpeciesFileName].SpeciesFile.org?TaxonNameID=" plus the value of the TaxonNameID.

Some additional entry points are supported, either because they were used in older versions or because some users store bookmarks in their browsers. Although these other entry points work now, there is no assurance that they will continue to work in the future.

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