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tblSFSeditLog, a single table in SFSdb, columns are the same as in tblEditLog, as modified in version 3.5

  • DateTime, timestamp for time of entry
  • FileID, integer, 2 bytes, = tblFiles.FileID, if > 0, then the file that made a change
  • SFuserID, integer, 2 bytes, identifier for species file signon that did the edit, FileID needed to locate the signon
  • SFSuserID, integer, 2 bytes, identifier for Species File Software signon that did the edit
  • UnitName, text, 100 bytes maximum, program unit that generated the entry
  • Description, text, 400 bytes maximum, description of change
  • WhereClause, text, 200 bytes maximum, information used in the where clause of a SQL query
  • DataSpecs, text, 400 bytes maximum, a listing of the data specifications as they appear in OldData and NewData
  • OldData, text, 8000 bytes maximum, previously recorded data
  • NewData, text, 8000 bytes maximum, newly recorded data
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