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tblPeople, names of people

  • PersonID, integer, 4 bytes, identifier for person
  • FileID, integer, 4 bytes, identifier for the file
  • PrefID, integer, 2 bytes, if PrefID > 0, then this is a duplicate or misspelled name and PrefID = PersonID for preferred name
  • PersonRegID, integer, 4 bytes, = tblPeopleReg.PersonRegID
  • FamilyName, text, 75 characters maximum, last name(s)
  • GivenNames, text, 75 characters maximum, given name(s)
  • GivenInitials, text, 20 characters maximum, initials of given names(s)
  • Suffix, text, 10 characters maximum, last name suffix
  • Role, integer, 2 bytes, contains data flags indicating (not necessarily in the same order in the bitmap). These bits have been reserved but are currently unused (6/22/06).
    • bit value 1 if this person is an author
    • bit value 2 if this person is a data source
    • bit value 4 if this person is a collector
    • bit value 8 if this person is an identifier
    • bit value 16 if this person is an expert
    • bit value 32 if this person is a character recorder
    • bit value 64 if there is another person in the database with the same family name. This includes alternate names, except a duplication between an alternate and its PrefID name does not count as a duplication.
    • bit value 128 if there is addressbook information available for this person
    • bit value 256 if this person is unused (deletable) no longer used
    • bit value 512 if this person has alternate names
    • bit value 1024 if this person is assigned a taxon as an expert
    • bit value 2048 if this person provides a scrutiny
  • Status, integer, 1 byte, status of reconciliation with tblPeopleReg, for future development
    • 0 = no reconciliation attempted
    • 10 = sent add request to SFSdb
    • 20 = add request acknowledged by SFSdb, no LSID available yet
    • 30 = sent modify request to SFSdb
    • 40 = modify request acknowledged by SFSdb
    • 70 = received request from SFSdb for editor decision
    • 80 = editor decision received from editor and sent to SFSdb, return acknowledgement not yet received
    • 100 = all questions resolved, LSID available from SFSdb
  • LastUpdate, smalldatetime, date and time of last update
  • ModifiedBy, integer, 4 bytes, FileUserID of the signon that made the change
  • CreatedOn, smalldatetime, date and time row was created
  • CreatedBy, integer, 4 bytes, FileUserID of the signon that created the row
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