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tblPeopleReg, registry of data about authors, for future development

  • PersonRegID, integer, 4 bytes, identifier for registered person
  • PrefRegID, integer, 4 bytes, if PrefRegID > 0, then this is a duplicate or misspelled name and PrefID = PersonRegID for the preferred name. Note that even if the following five columns have the same values, a separate row is needed when PrefID differs.
  • FamilyName, text, 50 characters maximum
  • GivenNames, text, 75 characters maximum
  • GivenInitials, text, 20 characters maximum
  • LSID, text, 100 bytes maximum, the life science ID as assigned by ZooBank
  • Status, integer, 1 byte, status of reconciling tblPeopleReg with ZooBank
    • 0 = no reconciliation attempted
    • 5 = waiting for software development
    • 10 = sent query to ZooBank
    • 20 = received response from ZooBank with one or more possible matches
    • 30 = initiated inquiries to one or more species files that use the author name
    • 40 = sent query to ZooBank requesting that the name be added and an LSID be assigned
    • 50 = reconciliation with ZooBank completed
  • LastUpdate, smalldatetime, date and time row last updated
  • ModifiedBy, integer, 4 bytes, FileUserID of the signon that made the change
  • CreatedOn, smalldatetime, date and time row was created
  • CreatedBy, integer, 4 bytes, FileUserID of the signon that created the row
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