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Apex taxon

  • The top taxon within the current Species File. If the user moves above this taxon in the hierarchy, he will move out of the current Species File and into a different Species File.

Context taxa

  • The three taxa above the apex taxon or siblings to the apex taxon that provide context for this Species File. The context taxa may or may not link to another Species File outside the scope of this Species File.

Current taxon

  • The taxon that is currently in focus. It is the taxon that will be displayed if you click on "Taxa" in the navigation bar.


  • There are a number of default objects that can be defined in a Species File. Need more description

Data component

  • Used in the context of this glossary or the Help Manual, this is a conceptual thing, not a physical object. Data components can be taxa, references, people, publications, specimens, etc. Each component is a collection of data that uniquely identifies a database record.

Data item

  • A type or class of data object. Examples are links, publications, citations Add links to example items.


  • The hierarchy as used by Species Files refers to the ranks or levels of the taxonomic trees. More >> Change to a generic link or include info here.


  • The international code of zoological nomenclature. See International code of zoological nomenclature.

International code of zoological nomenclature

  • A set of naming rules developed by the International Union of Biological Sciences. More >>

Linnaean hierarchy

  • A taxonomic classification system initially devised by Linnaeus in the eighteenth century. More >>

Navigation bar

  • The menus that span across the top or bottom of a page. Items in the navigation bar include "Home", "Search", "Taxa", Glossary 1, "Key", "Edit" and "Admin".


  • A taxon range. Used primarily when searching for a taxon, the scope is defined by a particular taxon and refers to that taxon and all it's children and their branchs below that taxon in the hierarchy. It does not include siblings of the taxon. Link to search for taxon page?


  • An additional name used for a taxon that has a valid name. For more information see name status 2.


  • A taxon (plural taxa) is a taxonomic unit. \It is a population or group of populations of organisms, usually inferred to be phylogenetically related.
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