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tblLinks contains hyperlinks to other websites with information about a taxon.

  • LinkID, integer, 4 bytes, identifier for link
  • FileID, integer, 4 bytes, = tblFiles.FileID
  • TaxonNameID, integer, 4 bytes, = tblTaxa.TaxonNameID
  • WebsiteID, integer, 4 bytes, = tblWebsites.WebsiteID
  • DataTypes, integer, 2 bytes, bitwise flags for type of information: 0 = undefined, 1 = general information, 2 = key, 4 = distribution map, 8 = specimen level information
  • LinkSpecs, text, 500 characters maximum, hyperlink specification to add after tblWebsites.RootLink
  • TaxonHyperlink, bit, used as ordinary hyperlink for a taxon
  • TaxonAutolink, bit, used as automatic hyperlink from one species file to the same taxon in a different species file
  • LastUpdate, smalldatetime, date and time row last updated
  • ModifiedBy, integer, 4 bytes, FileUserID of the signon that made the change
  • CreatedOn, smalldatetime, date and time row was created
  • CreatedBy, integer, 4 bytes, FileUserID of the signon that created the row
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