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tblKeyChars, pool of characters available for use in blocks

  • KeyCharID, integer, 4 bytes
  • FileID, integer, 4 bytes, = tblFiles.FileID
  • Title, 200 characters maximum, identifying phrase for the character. (Do not confuse this with the character header used for blocks. The header is found in tblCharStateDetails where CharStateID is found in tblBlockCharStates where CharStateIndex = 126.)
  • CharTypeID, integer, 4 bytes, = tblCharTypes.CharTypeID, identifier for type of character future development
  • Priority, integer, 1 byte, 10 = highest priority single character, 9 = next highest priority character in case first one not available (wrong sex, no sound, etc.), 8 = next highest priority, etc. until a generally available character is reached future development
  • Reliability, integer, 1 byte, estimated reliability of of character, 10 = very reliable down to 1 for characters with substantial overlap among the available choices, 0 indicates reliability has not been entered future development
  • LastUpdate, smalldatetime, date and time row last updated
  • ModifiedBy, integer, 4 bytes, FileUserID of the signon that made the change
  • CreatedOn, smalldatetime, date and time row was created
  • CreatedBy, integer, 4 bytes, FileUserID of the signon that created the row
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