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tblGeoLevel1, continent or other major part of the world. This table and the next two tables are copied from Brummitt, R. K. 2001: World Geographical Scheme for Recording Plant Distributions. Plant Taxonomic Database Standards No. 2, Edition 2. International Working Group on Taxonomic Databases (TDWG). Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, Pittsburgh. [TDWG Standard] [Electronic version available under].

  • Level1ID, character, 1 byte, identifier for "continent"
  • Name, text, 16 characters maximum, name
  • BitValue, integer, 4 bytes, value of the bit that indicates this level 1 area in tblDistribution.AreaFlags and ShadeFlags
  • MaxL2AreaValue, integer, 4 bytes, value of the highest bit in tblGeoLevel2.BitValue that signifies a subarea within this level 1 area; except where tblGeoLevel1.Level1ID = "0", then highest bit in tblGeoLevel1.BitValue
  • Level2AreaMask, integer, 4 bytes, mask for all bits in tblGeoLevel2.BitValue; except where tblGeoLevel1.Level1ID = "0", then mask for all bits in tblGeoLevel1.BitValue
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