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A design document is a tool used within the context of SFS development. It is largely used as an internal tool for communicating detailed ideas about the formal structure and function of potential changes to the SFS software and website. It is used at various stages in the development process. Initially it can be used to set out proposed ideas and later as a guide of work yet to be done.

Creating a new Design Document

To create a new Design Document use the 'Design Document' issue type in Jira. You must at minimum provide some text in "Background".

Listing all existing Design Documents

Go to 'Issues'->'Favourite Filters' and select "All Design Documents in All Projects". If you do not see this filter click on 'Issues'->'Manage Filters' then select 'Search' on the left. Make sure the 'Shared with' dropdown says "anyone" and click search. Add the filter (or any other one) to your favourites by clicking the star.


Exporting a Jira Design Document

Jira design documents can be exported for review outside the web-interface by using the views option to create a Word (or other) document. These can be sent to collaborators for further review/comments.


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