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tblConstants contains constant values to be referenced by programs.

  • Name, text, 30 bytes maximum, name for the constant
    • Basic information about the database
      • Access, "Public" or "Private" to indicate if open to public
      • ContactLink, email address for the person to contact
      • Description, description of the database and website, displayed on the home page
      • HomeLink, URL for the home page
      • LogoLink, URL for website logo
      • SMTPhost, internet address of host server
    • Rows related to Species 2000
      • GSDIdentifier, identifier assigned by Species 2000 to a global species database
      • GSDShortName, short name supplied to Species 2000
      • GSDTitle, title supplied to Species 2000
    • Rows used for version tracking
      • CommonVersion, version number for the common code (number preceeding "." in version)
      • FileVersion, version number for the file specific portion of the code
      • ServicePack, sequence number for service packs completed (number following "." in version)
      • SPscript, sequence number for service pack scripts
      • HotFix, sequence number for hot fixes for programming errors
    • Rows for tracking hits to website (probably obsolete since now using Google Analytics)
      • SessionCount, count of sessions since DateCountStarted
      • CountHistory, history of session and/or other counts for website
      • DateCountStarted, date and time when current count started
      • HitCount, count of website hits, not yet implemented
    • Rows for splitting a species file and merging back together
      • CopiedFromDB, name of the database from which this was split out
      • CopyStep, step number in the process of splitting out a database
      • MaxIDtblCollectEvents, MaxIDtblDepos, etc., maximum ID value in the table when the splitting process is completed. This is used at the time of merge to determine which IDs are newly created and must be given new IDs in the merged result. Row MaxIDtblTaxa, column LastUpdate is used at the time of merge to determine which rows int the merged into database were changed subsequent to the split.
      • MergeDetailDone, name of the substep completed
      • MergedToDB, name of the database merged into. This is usually the same as CopiedFromDB, but may have a different value for test runs.
      • MergeStep, number of the step completed in the merge process
      • OldApexNameID, TaxonNameID in the original database of the apex taxon in the split out database
    • Rows about messages
      • EditorActionNeed, bitwise flags to call an editor's attention to an issue needing resolution
        • 0 = none
        • 1 = publication(s) to be resolved
      • MsgEditor, text of message to users with edit privileges
      • MsgPublic, text of message to all users
  • Value, integer, value for the constant
  • Hex, text, 10 bytes, hexadecimal representation of Value
  • String, text, 1000 bytes maximum, non numeric constants
  • LastUpdate, smalldatetime, date and time row last updated
  • ModifiedBy, integer, 2 bytes, UserID of the signon that made the change
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