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tblWebsites contains information about other websites.

  • WebsiteID, integer, 4 bytes, identifier for the website
  • Name, text, 400 characters maximum
  • RootLink, text, 200 characters maximum, root portion of the hyperlink
  • Flags, integer, 1 byte, bitwise flags
    • 1 = used for taxon specific links
    • 2 = used for reference links
    • 4 = used for specimen links, unneeded flag. When on, it indicates the website provides specimen level data. There are three other types of data that do not have bits in this column. The intent to provide links from specimen records was never implemented.
    • 8 = used for source links
  • LastUpdate, smalldatetime, date and time row last updated
  • ModifiedBy, integer, 4 bytes, FileUserID of the signon that made the change
  • CreatedOn, smalldatetime, date and time row was created
  • CreatedBy, integer, 4 bytes, FileUserID of the signon that created the row
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