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What is a species file?

The primary product of SFS is a species file. A species file is both a database and a website: The database provides the detailed information about all taxa contained within the scope of the "apex taxon" and the website provides the means to interact with and modify the information contained in the database. The apex taxon defines the scope of the database. For instance, Orthoptera is the apex taxon of the Orthoptera Species File, which provides information about all taxa contained within the order Orthoptera. More information on species file as a biodiversity informatics designed to fulfill address global human concerns is addressed in the background page.

A species file is a database

The database is a SQL Server application. The Species File Group (SFG) has developed an SFS template that contains the basic database table structure as well as the stored procedures, user-defined functions and views used by species files. The template is used as the starting point for new species file databases.

A species file is a website

The website is a Visual Studio application. It provides the interface between the database and those who use it. The website provides not only the interface used by the public, but also the much larger interface used by the editors who manage the data contained in the database. A template has also been prepared as the starting point for new species file websites.

The need for

Species File help wiki

The Species File help wiki is a multipurpose informational resource. The goal is to communicate important and useful information related to the work of the Species File Software Group to a diverse audience. Background information on the rationale and relevance of this work can be found elsewhere. The intended audience includes:

The wiki is being developed using MediaWiki, the software underlying Wikipedia. Additional general information as well as in-depth material on editing and using this software can be found through the links to the left and bottom of this page. Further information related to this specific website can be found from the following pages:

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