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Screenshot showing the location of the logo in Orthoptera Species File. Clicking on the logo will take the user to the login page where they can enter their username and password or create a new user account.

How to log in and out of a Species File

To log into a Species File a user must click on the logo at the top left of the homepage. On the next screen, the user will be prompted to enter their username and password. Clicking the "Log in" button returns the user to the homepage. After successfully logging in a user will see additional options on the navbar at the top of the page (Admin and/or Edit depending on their privileges). A logged in user may also log out at any time by clicking on the logo and selecting "Log out".

Obtaining a username and password

Anyone can create a user account in a Species File and it is necessary for those who wish to save their display preferences from one session to the next. A user account is also needed for those who wish to contribute and/or help manage content in a Species File. To create a new user account, click on the logo as described above. On the next screen, follow the "new user login" link and fill out the web form, selecting a username and password. Once an account has been created, the user will be able to save their display preferences but cannot add or edit data until the appropriate privileges have been assigned by the Species File curator(s). To request database privileges, users should contact the curator(s) by e-mail stating their username and reasons for needing access. The decision to grant privileges and at what level rests with the curator(s).

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