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tblIdentifications contains record of identifications on labels or in publications or by placement in trays. Each identification must have either HigherTaxonName or a genus name that can be located via NomenclatorID. If the genus is specified, then HigherTaxonName is left blank. RefID, IdentifierName, PlaceInCollection, and IdentificationModeNote are the four possible sources of identification. At least one source of identification must be stated. Placement in collection is considered not worth recording if one of the other sources is listed. If the identification is from the literature, then RefID > 0. In that case, names of subgenera, genera and higher taxa must be present in tblTaxa. If RefID = 0, names of taxa are not required to be present in tblTaxa.

   SpecimenID, integer, 4 bytes, = tblSpecimens.SpecimenID
   SeqNum, integer, 2 bytes, sequence number for identifications for this specimen; SpecimenID and SeqNum together form the primary key
   HigherTaxonName, text, 30 bytes maximum, name of taxon higher than genus rank, used only when there is no identification at genus rank
   NomenclatorID, integer, 4 bytes, = tblNomenclator.NomenclatorID
   TaxonIdentNote, text, 300 bytes maximum, any additional taxon related information contained with the identification
   TypeKindID, integer, 1 byte, = tblTypeKinds.TypeKindID; kind of type, 0 if none
   Topotype, integer, 1 byte, 0 = not a topotype, 1 = is a topotype
   TypeTaxonNameID, integer, 4 bytes.  If TypeKindID and Topotype both = 0, then TypeTaxonNameID = 0.  If either TypeKindID or Topotype > 0, then TypeTaxonNameID = tblTaxa.TaxonNameID of the name for which this specimen is a type.
   RefID, integer, 4 bytes, = tblRefs.RefID, published reference with this specimen identified
   IdentifierName, text, 50 bytes maximum, name of person on identification label.  To be deleted when linking table to tblPeople is available.
   IdentifierID, integer, 2 bytes, = tblPeople.PersonID.  For future implementation, probably in a separate linking table.
   Year, integer, 2 bytes, year stated on an identification label
   PlaceInCollection, integer, 1 byte, 0 = not the source of the identification, 1 = the identification information is based solely on the placement in a collection
   IdentificationModeNote, text, 200 bytes maximum, information about the source of the identification
   LastUpdate, smalldatetime, date and time of last update
   ModifiedBy, 2 bytes, UserID of the signon that made the change
   IdentQualifier, text, 30 character maximum.  Added in version 4.1.
   VerbatimLabel, text, 1000 character maximum.  Added in version 4.1.
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