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Species File Wiki

How do I find stuff in this Wiki?

  • If you have not poked around the site much, it is probably easiest to use the search box in the top right. In the left hand column under Species Files there is a constantly changing Outline of help topics. There are categories of topics (pages) for different user groups: Administrators, Developers, Editors and Public users. Alternatively, if you know the page name, you can use this as part of the URL.

Can I edit this Wiki?

  • Contact us if you are interested, alternately request an account and we'll get back to you.

Species File (Application)

How do I get started using a Species File?

  • Some people find it easy to click on various links to see what happens. You can do that with the choices at the top of any page. The most important aspect of this database is the data associated with specific taxa. If you know the name of a taxon that interests you, click on "Search" at the top of a page and enter the name. That will take you to the taxon display where the specified taxon is shown in its hierarchical context. (If you enter a name that fits multiple taxa, a list of the taxa is displayed from which you may select.) If you don't have a particular name, click on "Taxa" at the top any page. As a default, the apex taxon (the highest taxon in the database) becomes your selected taxon. You can click on other names and work your way down the hierarchy to whatever interests you.

How do I cite a Species File?

  • There should be a preferred format for referencing a particular website on its homepage. In general these take the form: Curator Name. Year. (Taxon Name) Species File Online. Version xx. [retrieval date]. <URL of Species File>.

How do I reset my Species File password?

  • Click on the image located in the upper left corner of every page (the same one you use to log in). Clicking on the 'change your password link' takes you to the 'change password' page.

How do I start a Species File?

How do I find information about "x"?

  • No answer yet.

What mechanisms exist for importing data?

  • No answer yet.

How do I join a Species File?

  • No answer yet.

Species File Software (Organization)

Who is Species File Software?

Can I do "X" with a Species File?

  • No answer yet.

Software Development

How do I request a new feature?

  • No answer yet.

Can I download the source code?

  • No answer yet.

About Species File

Where are the offices for the Species File group?

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