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Edit data for a specific taxon.

  • Add a subordinate name.
  • Edit nomenclatural and basic taxon data.
  • Delete this taxon.
  • Change author and date information.
  • Identify the citation that sets the current taxon concept or modify sequence of citations.
  • Modify order of images.
  • Other taxon data:

Edit data independent of a specific taxon.

  • Data source
  • Person
  • Publication
  • Reference
  • Image type
  • Language list
  • Out of scope taxon for ecological relationships
  • Specimen depository
  • Website hyperlinks

Edit mode options

  • Edit link displays are on. Turn them off.
  • Specify a default reference.
  • Specify a default scrutiny. Explain scrutiny.
  • Specify a default data source.

Manage data

  • Select an object by ID.
  • Compare two items selected by ID for possible deletion of duplicate:
  • Run selected test programs.

Incomplete data

  • Taxa with original description not identified.
  • Family-group taxa with type genus not identified (future development).
  • References with citations with content not identified.


  • Original key
  • 3i key
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