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The following databases and websites are based on Species File Software:

  • Aphid Species File Aphid Species File is a taxonomic and bibliographic database of the aphids and allied groups of the world. If the authorship attribution of a genus or species of Aphididae is missing, you can find it in a recent literature citation or "scrutiny" record. If your favorite species is not listed with its proper authorship, it simply means the relevant published original description is not yet on file. Send a copy to Colin and he will get it entered right away!
  • Arthropoda Species File The Arthropoda Species File serves as a bridge for convenient movement between several other species files. There is no expectation that this species file will contain a significant amount of data.
  • Blattodea Species File The Blattodea Species File (BSF) is a database of the scientific names of the world's cockroaches (order Blattodea or Blattaria), excluding fossil species and termites. Note that until recently termites were treated as a separate order, Isoptera, but recent work confirms that they are in fact cockroaches.
    • The BSF includes c. 6,700 scientific names (all ranks, valid and not valid) and c. 4,600 valid species are recognised. Images of museum specimens (especially types), plus pictures of living cockroaches are slowly being added.
    • NOTE: The spellings of the scientific names in the BSF, plus the names of their authors and the year of their description are now more accurate than in the world catalogue of cockroaches by Princis published between 1962 and 1971. In addition the synonomy and higher classification of most taxa is up-to-date, unlike Princis' catalogue. Having said this, there are still likely to be errors, so if you find any please inform George.
  • Coleorrhyncha Species File The Coleorrhyncha Species File website and database contains taxonomic data about moss bugs.
  • Coreoidea Species File The Coreoidea Species File website and database will contain taxonomic and other information about all the leatherbugs of the world. It is undergoing development with a planned completion date of 2012.
  • Dermaptera Species File The Dermaptera Species File website and database contain taxonomic information about earwigs.
  • Embioptera Species File The Embioptera Species File (ESF) is a taxonomic database of the scientific names of the world's webspinners (Order Embioptera = Embiidina = Embiodea). The ESF has information for approximately 400 valid species and 600 total names. Both extinct and extant species are included. Type specimen information is currently available on over half the species. Plans are under development for adding images, distributions and ecological information.
  • Mantodea Species File The Mantodea Species File (MSF) is a taxonomic database of the world's praying mantids (Order Mantodea), both of fossil and living species. The MSF has full synonymic and taxonomic information for over 2,400 valid species. A future aim of this database is to provide images of the specimens deposited in museums worldwide (especially types), as well as pictures of living praying mantids in the wild and in captivity. This database originated with Otte and Spearman`s (2005) Mantida Species File catalog. Please note: The Mantodea Species File database is under development.
  • Orthoptera Species File The Orthoptera Species File is a taxonomic database of the world's Orthoptera (grasshoppers, locusts, katydids and crickets), both living and fossil. It has full synonymic and taxonomic information for more than 26,010 valid species, 43,680 scientific names, 177,200 citations to 12,300 references, 74,900 images, 400 sound recordings, 84,700 specimen records, and keys to 2,870 taxa.
  • Paraneoptera Species File The Paraneoptera Species File serves as a bridge for convenient movement among the Aphid, Coleorryncha, Coreoidea, and Psocodea Species Files as well as the Arthropoda Species File.
  • Phasmida Species File The Phasmida Species File (PSF) is a taxonomic database of the world's Phasmida (stick and leaf insects, known as walking sticks and walking leaves in the U.S.). It contains full synonymic and taxonomic information for c. 3,040 valid species and over 4,690 taxonomic names (all ranks, valid and not valid). There are c. 27,000 citations to c. 2500 references. There are also c. 6100 specimen records and more than 11000 images of two thirds of valid species, with more being added to on a regular basis [MANY THANKS TO COLLEAGUES COLLABORATING ON THIS. AT THE START OF 2012, I RECEIVED THOUSANDS OF TYPE PHOTOS TO UPLOAD (VARIOUS COLLECTIONS), TAKEN BY OSKAR CONLE & FRANK HENNEMANN. TUSHAR MUKHERJEE HAS FORWARDED PHOTOS OF TYPES IN CALCUTTA, SUCH A NEGLECTED COLLECTION, THE SPECIMENS WERE THOUGHT TO BE 'LOST']. Thanks to a grant from the Orthopterists Society, photographs were taken in Washington in September 2012. Keys to taxa may be added at a later stage.
  • Plecoptera Species File The Plecoptera Species File website includes valid names, their synonyms, bibliographic data, specimen data, images, sounds, and distributions for stoneflies of the world. A key to all 16 families is provided, but currently is not illustrated. Experts are encouraged to assume an active role in the maintenance of this resource: alert us to errors or inconsistencies in the database, adopt the management of groups you are revising or have revised, provide pdfs of recently published works, and send attributed images for posting on the website.
  • Polyneoptera Species File The Polyneoptera Species File serves as a bridge for convenient movement between several other species files. In addition, it contains some details for orders that are too small to justify a separate database and website.
  • Psocodea Species File The Psocodea Species File is a taxonomic database that includes data for Psocoptera (bark lice) and Phthiraptera (parasitic lice). Data includes synonymies and citations for all recognized species. Parasitic lice are embedded within bark lice, and thus the single order Psocodea is recognized for both groups. The Psocodea Species File currently contains data from "Psocoptera (Insecta): World Catalogue and Bibliography" (Lienhard and Smithers 2002). Updates for Psocoptera are in the process of being added. Data from major Phthiraptera catalogs will be added at a later date, together with host associations. When completed this database will house data from over 10,000 valid species and associated data.
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