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Normal entry to a species file is without any specification beyond the basic website name. Adding "/HomePage.aspx" such as in http://orthoptera.speciesfile.org/HomePage.aspx works equally well and is often used by persons who bookmark the page. Adding other pages to arrive elsewhere is not recommended because that will bypass the initiation of session information used to determine what the user will see. Execution errors are likely to result. However, a number of special entry protocols are available as listed below.

  • http://SiteName.speciesfile.org?TaxonNameID=nnn Assuming that "SiteName" refers to an actual species file and "nnn" is the ID of a taxon name not hidden by an access code, entry in this manner will go direct to the taxa page for that name. Otherwise an error message will be given.
  • http://SiteName.speciesfile.org?TaxonName=Name "Name" can be the name of any taxon at genus rank or higher. This will go to the search for taxon page. If the name is not found, a message will so state. If a single match is found, the user is immediately redirected to the taxa page. If multiple matches are found, they will be listed with hyperlinks to those pages.
  • http://SiteName.speciesfile.org?Genus=genusname&Subgenus=subgenusname&Species=speciesname&Subspecies=subspeciesname It is not necessary to provide four names. Any one or more names are sufficient. This will cause a search for the name(s), which will be handled in the same manner as when the query string is equal to "TaxonName=Name".
  • http://SiteName.speciesfile.org?PersonID=nnn Assuming that "SiteName" refers to an actual species file and "nnn" is the ID of a person in tblPeople, entry in this manner will go direct to the display of personal information and roles for that PersonID. If there no such PersonID in the database, the user will be brought to the search for person page.
  • http://SiteName.speciesfile.org?Error=xxxxxx This will lead to an error page that provides a link to the home page.
  • Any other query string will be ignored. The user will be redirected to the home page.
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