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Each taxon and each reference has an access code that determines which users are able to see the taxon or reference. The codes are intended to serve two purposes:

Developers and editors often find it useful to create fictitious taxa and references in order to test new code and to locate errors in the code. Outside users should not see these fictitious items.

Editors may wish to build preliminary data in the database even though it is not ready for use by others. For example, information about a new species might be added while a paper is prepared for publication. As soon as the paper is published, the access code can be changed to allow open access. This allows the editor/author to enter the data while actively working on the paper instead of waiting months or years for actual publication when memory of the details has become weak.

Access codes are integers defined as follows:

  • 0 = open access for the public
  • 1 = restricted to persons with access for editing or for administrative purposes
  • 2 = restricted to persons with access for administrative purposes
  • > 2 = restricted to persons with specified signons. (Some administrative procedures go past the restriction.) If you need this type code, contact the database administrator and request that a special code be created.

If one reference is contained in another reference, and the outer reference has an access code > 0, the inner reference must have the same access code.

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